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Unique corporate gift ideas from Bakier Stationery - Stationery | Office Supplies & More - Bakier Stationery

Oct 23, 2022 / By Be Group / in Ecommerce


 If you have a company, you may need unique gift ideas continuously to use these gifts in advertising your product, helping spread your service or product among customers.

Are you looking for an amazing gift for your clients? Do you need this gift to be useful and effective for another person?

We have unique corporate gift ideas and corporate promotional giveaways in bakier stationery, follow us to know more.

The characteristics of unique corporate gift ideas

If you searching for corporate promotional giveaways, we mentioned here some characteristics that help you to choose the best, including:

  • The gift should be Luxurious and modern.

  • The material of the gift must be very good helping it to last for a long time without wearing off.

  • The price of corporate promotional giveaways must be reasonable, especially if you want to get more than one piece.

  • The color of the gift should be one of the favorite colors of most people, such as black, white, or other mainstream colors, to ensure that your gift will be accepted by another one.

The best corporate gift ideas from bakier stationery

Here we will mention a lot of the best corporate gift ideas to make it easier for you to choose the best, including:


stylus pen

The pen is required usually, which makes it one of the best corporate gift ideas that are suitable for all companies with different business activities.

In bakier stationery you will find  many unique pens suitable to be a valuable gift, just as:

  • CERRUTI 1881 Ballpoint pen Myth Black Chrome.

  • Hugo Boss Rollerball pen Gear Minimal Black & Chrome.

  • Penac THE MAKIE multifunction pen 3 in 1.

  • Penac multifunction pen 3 in 1.


slim and smart wallet

The wallet is the first idea that comes to our mind when we think of unique and best corporate gift ideas, as it represents a valuable gift for anyone and also it will be beneficial for any person.

In bakier stationery, you will find a wide collection of wallet designs, like as:







Catalyst Organizer

Catalyst organizer is considered an excellent idea for companies that search for unique corporate gift ideas or corporate promotional giveaways, as it helps everyone to keep his tools in a smart way, also it is required usually to keep your important papers from getting lost.

In bakier stationery, you will find catalyst organizers  with various properties such as:

  • Catalyst Organizer with Flash Memory.

  • Black and smart catalyst organizer.


Key ring

If you are thinking of inexpensive, stylish, and unique corporate gift ideas that your customer will like, you can get one of the bakery stationery key rings, it is made of good material that will make it valuable and long-lasting with your customers.

The most demanded key rings from  barkier stationery:

  • HUGO BOSS HAK847B Round key ring in Chrome-plated stainless steel.

  • CERRUTI 1881 NAK209 Key ring Zoom Silver.


These are some unique corporate gift ideas not all, you will find a lot of the corporate promotional giveaways and gifts sets that you can get from bakier stationery when checking other categories of bakier stationery website.

And fortunately, there is a big discount on most of the products in bakier stationery now, order now and enjoy the offers.