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Casio FX-7400GIII Graphing calculator Cyan Display

Brand: CASIO


  • 396 functions
  • Algebraic input logic
  • Max. Programs that can be saved depending on the storage capacity
  • Numerical integration
  • Solving integral (graphics application and equation application)
  • Solving equations
  • Complex numbers
  • Zero, Min, Max, YICPT, YCAL, XCAL
  • Integer random numbers
  • GGT and TGV function
  • Enlarged display (64 x 128 pixels)
  • Several graphs can be displayed in a coordinate system
  • Box and zoom function
  • List data linking function and list-based statistics
  • • SCI/FIX/ENG function
  • 26 bracket levels
  • Conversion of polar coordinates to rectangular coordinates and inverse
  • - Calculations in gradians, degrees, and radians
  • Conversion of Sexagesimal in Decimal and inversely
  • Automatic break computation
  • Random number generator
  • Change of leading sign
  • Two-dimensional statistics
  • Permutation, combinatorics
  • Regression analysis
  • Bar and pie charts
  • Battery-powered
  • Data exchange possible with other graphics computers (optional SB-62), to the PC (optional) or data analysis device EA-200

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Categories: Calculators, School Supplies, Scientific Calculators

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