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Giant Ludo Playing Mat


From the past long time each one loves to play Ludo, but the time changes, now the Big Giant Ludo game for you with Dice shaker cum Roller, so no fear of cheating among players. Its a very cool game, This Giant Size Outdoor Ludo Is A Superb Game. The Ludo Canvas Playing Surface Attaches to the Lawn like a spreadsheet mat, This Outdoor Garden Ludo Set Comes Complete with Everything Needed to Play

This game will teach children patience, counting, taking turns, sharing, color coordination, and cognitive thinking. The pieces are not anchored to the board, so you will need to keep a close track of them! To play, roll the dice and race your 4 pieces around the board before your opponents do! Chutes and Ladders, Candy land, and Ludo may come to mind. Depending on where you grew up, 2 to 4 players take 4 pieces each of their own color (red, blue, yellow, or green) and race them around the board trying to get all 4 of their pieces back to their home base. You roll a die to strategically move one of your pieces. If you have the opportunity to land on the same space as one of your opponents - do it! It will bump their piece back to the home base (and they have to start over).


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