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Jovi Plasticine 15 Cores Assorted Bars

Brand: JOVI


The legendary “Jovi” plasticine on a plant-based basis is ideal for starting learning in modeling and for lessons in school and creative studios.Thanks to an improved formula with wax, Jovi plasticine is safe, has a high plasticity, it is well molded, keeps its shape, does not deform, is easily removed from the molds, does not crumble, does not dry, the colors are perfectly mixed with each other, stucco figures do not fall off over time.Used for the technique of “drawing clay” and clay animation.Does not stain hands, it can be removed from any surface effortlessly, leaving no stains.A set of plasticine on a plant basis of 15 colors of 15 grams in a cardboard box with euro suspension.


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