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Pebeo Studio Xl Fine Oil 200-Milliliter, Phtalocyanine Emerald

Brand: PEBEO


The range includes 64 colors, including 7 dyna and 5 glazes, that come in standard packaging, 37 ml, 80 ml and 200 ml as well as 5 colors in 650 ml jars; studio xl fine oil colors can be mixed together; the viscosity is constant from one color to another
Ideal for working with matter, xl oil dries to the touch in 3-6 days for an average application and allows for additional coats after 4 days; allow 6-9 months of drying before varnishing
Can be applied on canvas, cardboard, and wood (suitable for most surfaces)
To thin the colors, use essential oil of petroleum, oils or oil mediums depending on the desired effect
Clean brushes with essential oil of petroleum


SKU: 3167862000184

Categories: Art Material, Oil paint, Paint

Tags: Pebeo, 200-Milliliter, Oil, STUDIO, Xl Fine, Emerald, Phtalocyanine

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