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Pilot Wallet of 12 FriXion Colors - Erasable Felt pen - Medium Tip

Brand: PILOT


Change the end of the story with FriXion Colors, the erasable COLOURING pen from Pilot.
Change your mind, rewrite your story…follow your heart!
Using FriXion Colors you can let your creativity run free to draw and color. If you don’t like the direction it’s heading, simply erase it with the attached eraser stud and start again.
The unique ink responds to the heat generated by rubbing with the eraser and goes clear, allowing you to color or draw over again (or leave blank if you have cleaned up where you strayed over the lines).
Frixion Colors pen is like a magic wand that lets you change the end of the story. Fairy tales or ferocious dragons? Wise cat or catfish? With this set of 12 colors, listen only to your inspiration and transform your drawings infinitely. Your imagination is the only limit!

With several practical everyday uses, FriXion Colors is much more than just a felt-tip coloring pen. As well as drawing and coloring, FriXion Colors is also perfect for marking up notes or reference points in textbooks and is great to create your colorful bullet journal.
The 2.5mm polyester fiber tip gives a 0.69mm coloring stroke. Not suitable for children under 3 years. Not to be used on official documents.

  • Unique felt pens for drawing, coloring, erasing, and restarting to create, again and again, without limits!

  • Thanks to the thermo-sensitive ink: Colour or draw, Erase, and start again!

  • Eraser on the cap.

  • Tip size in mm: 2.50 mm

  • Writing width: 0.63 mm


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