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Ramadan "Saimin El-Sanadi" Box


This year’s "Saimin El-Sanadi" product helps our children to perform Ramadan worship, with happiness, through the reward system, which encourages them to collect the most points, and this helps them to Committee performing the worship, based on their ability to collect the reward for themselves.

Through the contents of the “Saimin El-Sanadi” bag, they will also learn about some Ramadan appearances in a very simple way through the activities that they can do on their own.

-The box contains:

  • 12 Decorations + Satin Hanging Tape
  •   3 sheet stickers to decorate and solve activities
  •   Good works board
  • The collective game "Lamet El-3ela"
  • Eid card
  • Gift card
  • Activities brochure, worship recording + blackboard pen
  • 4 lanterns used to serve a fasting breakfast
  • 2 Stick the charity jar
  • DIY Rosary includes beads and all accessories
  •   Take steps to perform ablution
  • Mosaic Poster
  • Score table

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