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Texas Instruments TI-84 PLUS Graphing calculator


High storage capacity, a faster processor, and USB technology that allows each student computer to be connected to the overhead projector will produce the best possible results in secondary education. In addition to the trendy design, the TI-84 Plus has space for up to 30 Flash applications.

  • Input, storage, and display of up to 10 rectangular, 6 parametric, and 6 polar functions as well as 3 sequences in up to 7 different ways
  • Interactive graphical analysis with leads and integral
  • Advanced statistical functions, including hypothesis testing and calculation of confidence intervals Probability distributions
  • Custom list names. The lists can contain up to 999 elements
  • Financial functions (time value of money, cash flow calculations, and amortization)
  • Store and analyze up to 10 matrices whose size is limited only by the available memory
  • Equation solver
  • Complex numbers
  • Supports different programming languages (TI-Basic and Z80-Assembler).
  • With the TI-84 Plus Presentation Link, each computer (student and teacher model) can be connected to the overhead display ViewScreen™ or the TI-Presenter™
  • USB interface on the computer enables the use of interesting peripherals
  • Memory extensions provide for a fast connection to other TI computers and to the PC
  • Compatible with all TI-83 Plus applications, programs, and teaching materials, identical menu navigation
  • 11 pre-installed applications, stores up to 30 flash applications
  • Improved, high-contrast, 80-part display with 16 characters each, 64 x 96 pixels, divisible display
  • Available RAM memory: 24 kB, available archive memory: 480 kB
  • The date and time can be set
  • Real and complex numbers can be calculated with an accuracy of up to 14 decimal places, represented with 10 digits and a two-digit exponent
  • Interactive graphical analysis with leads and integral.

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