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The Good Deeds kit (Slides & ladder & Reward chart)


Product DIM: 30 x 20 x 1.5 cm

Weight : 350 gm

Age group : 4 years +

Language: English/Arabic

Slides & Ladder hardcover board game + 1 Dice + 4 Characters
1 A4 size washable Reward chart + A5 size motivational stickers with Rainbow metallic stars + 1 whiteboard marker

A delightful game simple & easy for children who can’t read, designed with fun pictures to help kids understand the rewards of doing good deeds as they climb up the ladders & bad ones make them slide down the chutes.
A motivational weekly chart to track and encourage kids to do good deeds and increase their fasting hours as well as track their 5 daily salat with fantastic rainbow metallic stickers.
aiming for a star, medal or trophy sticker makes the kids enjoy the process as well as be proud of all their achievements.


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Categories: Gifts & Wrapping, Seasonal Gifts

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