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Do you search for Casio calculator online store, do you need best scientific calculator for engineering students 2022? don’t know how to choose the best? Do you need a math calculator for your child with a specific character to help him to study?

In this category, we talk about the calculator, the tool which is needed in all study stages.

When we talk about calculators, we have to talk about how to choose your calculator and what’s the best quality brand of calculators to choose from them.

And we will also ask many questions like how can I get a scientific calculator CASIO and what is Casio Calculator price and others.

Who needs the calculator?

If you have a child in Primary and Preparatory School, you can use ordinary calculators (math calculators) that help him to perform simple arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and others.

But if you are a student in secondary school or you study engineering or work in a career that requires performing complex calculations, you need special types of calculations called scientific calculators (Best scientific calculator for engineering students 2022) and that's what we talk about in the next section.


What’s the scientific calculator?

A scientific calculator is also called a digital calculator, and it is a type of calculator that is used to solve the calculations in science, engineering, and mathematics, and it is widely used in both education and professional work in Commercial Business and others.

The scientific calculator can handle exponential, trigonometric, and other advanced functions, and it can display mathematical formulas exactly as they appear in textbooks.

In Bakier Stationary, we have many brands of scientific calculators, one of the most popular is the Scientific calculator CASIO and its brand is preferred by Most clients.


What are the different types of calculators available in Bakier Stationery?

If you search for a Casio calculator online store or search for any type of math calculator or scientific calculator, you will find all what you need in Bakier Stationery. 

In this paragraph, we will show you the best types of calculators available in Bakier Stationery.

  • Casio fx-991es plus.

  • CATIGA 12-Digit Desktop Calculator.

  • Casio Scientific Calculator fx-82ES Plus Second Edition.

  • Casio Scientific Calculator fx-95ES Plus Second Edition.

  •  Casio Calculator MX-12B-BK, BLACK.


What’s Casio Calculator price?

If you ask about the Casio Calculator price, you have to determine the version you need first, contact us now to know the price of the calculator that you need.

Why buy your calculator from Bakier Stationery?


If you search for a trusted calculator store like Casio calculator online store or any other brands as you need math calculator or scientific calculator, you will find Bakier Stationery is the best and that's for 5 reasons:

- You will find all the school supplies that you need in the same place.

- We always ensure that our products are of the highest quality.

- We provide all school supplies to international brands.

- We offer a range of discounts and offers on various products.

- You can order online and get the product you want as soon as possible.