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School supplies

In our article today, we will tell you the best school supplies your child should have, and we will discuss all the details you need to learn to get the best supplies for school with the best materials.

Overview of the school supplies in Egypt: 

With the advent of the new school year and the upcoming back-to-school season, parents begin to prepare for the needs of their children and go to the market to buy the school's requirements of stationery and bags.

All that the students need, as the joy of children is not complete with returning to school unless they buy the supplies they prefer and choose stationery.

The right school motivates students to study and improves their educational attainment. 

If you are wondering what the necessary stationery supplies your child should have, in this article, we will learn about the most essential and indispensable school tools and paper. We will give you essential tips to consider when choosing these supplies.

School supplies store

Bakier school tools help you with the school equipment from A to Z that your child needs and the presence of more than one type for each agency make you think about the best and the highest quality, so we have chosen a vast set of tools.

Bakier will provide you with the best school tools at the lowest prices and the best materials.

School supplies online

And our website will make buying school tools easier and make you choose everything carefully while at home.

We provide you with top model school tools for your child.

School supplies list

What school tools list do you need for your child?

Essential school tools and supplies:

  • School bag

  • set of pencils

  • set of ink pens

  • notebooks

  • wooden colour box

  • wax colours

  • Sharpener Pens

  • Must pencil 

  • calculator

  • an eraser

  • Files to save papers

  • notebook set

  • ruler

  • Math Engineering Toolkit

  • glue

  • water container

  • Food container or lunch box 

Tips for buying school list

Nowadays, school tools are diverse in their shapes and quality, so choosing the perfect types of school stationery is essential. 

Here are the essential tips to keep in mind when doing so:

  1. Choosing the right school bag

You must choose a bag that suits your child's appearance, colour and size, as a large bag may disturb him and cause him back pain, so choose a lightweight pack.

And it is better than a portable bag with small wheels, so the child does not have to carry it all the time.

  Also, it is necessary to know what the child likes, such as specific drawings or colours, to motivate him to study and wake up early with enthusiasm.

  1. Your child opinion

It is preferable to take your child's opinion of the supplies, their shapes and colours that attract him and enhance his love for studying.

  1. The right amount of school tools

If you have more than one child, we recommend that you make a list of school stationery individually that corresponds to the needs of each of them, as the amount of consumption of notebooks, pens, or others may differ from one student to another according to the age group or school stage.

  1. Choose safe, high-quality supplies

Some rulers, pens, or other engineering tools may be dangerous for children, so you should choose safe, high-quality tools that do not have sharp corners, etc., and choosing high-quality supplies usually last longer, unlike tools that may be damaged early because it is of lower quality;  So buying good quality and affordable school bag and supplies is essential. And all of this is available to us.

Choosing healthy food and water container to maintain the health and quality of your child's food, you must select a special plastic box to save food. It is preferable to be simple and lightweight with a cover that is easy to open and close, and for water containers, you should stay away from types made of heavy metal or glass and replace them with plastic light.

It is worth noting that children's demands may increase excessively when they come to school, and their neglect of tools and consequently their destruction may increase, so the child must be urged to preserve them and avoid excessively buying additional supplies, as they must be disbursed to him gradually as needed.

These were the most critical school tools and stationery and some tips to follow when purchasing these supplies.

And now, we will talk about school tools that are not essential but will motivate your child to do his school tasks.

Cute school supplies

We have many cute school tools to attract kids and motivate them to do their homework and school tasks, as we have many colourful tools with attractive colours and distinctive shapes, and we have school tools in the form of toys.

We also have exceptional, super cute and soft school supplies for girls.

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Teacher school supplies, and as we have school tools for students and children, we certainly have all the supplies teachers may need.

School supplies wholesale; you can also buy school tools for your children wholesale; we will provide you with the best prices.

And if you buy a lot of sets and pieces, we will provide you with a discount school supply.

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American school supplies

We know that American schools have different and unique requirements, so we have gathered all the supplies you will need if you are studying in an American school.

In the end, you must provide an ideal environment for your child to learn correctly; a school list is a way for your child to learn. Without them, the child will be unable to perform any school activity or tasks, and the teacher will also be unable to do his job to the fullest without school tools to help him. Therefore, we have provided you with all the supplies of school you will need for all ages and groups, with the best materials and the lowest prices.