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Paper notebook - recording is a necessity

Who doesn’t need a notebook for daily activities? Usually, we all need a notebook, whether you are a student and need Cute School notebooks for studying or are an employee or business owner and  use it in a business to take notes in meetings and record important events and tasks.

Regardless of the notebook's intended purpose, you need a notebook to get the job done.

Let’s know more about different types of notebooks and what the School notebook size (School Notebook A4 and others) to choose from that are more suitable for you and help you to Organize your work and achieve more.


Different Features of the notebook

If you are searching for a notebook store to choose a paper notebook, you should first determine five factors:


In bakier stationery, we provide paper notebooks in different sizes as:

  •  3 x 5-inch paper notebooks: this type of notebook is suitable for note-taking at meetings or for making appointments. 

  • 6 x 9.5-inch paper notebooks: this type is more suitable for students as it is portable and provides plenty of writing space.

  • 8.5 x 11- inch paper notebooks: that is School notebook size and this type will help you if you are searching for cute School notebooks, as this notebook is used for studying or to record the information which may be needed in the long term.


Sheet Quantity

The number of papers that are present in the notebook is a vital characteristic in choosing your notebook.

A notebook's normal size is about 70 to 80 pages, while you will find also pocket-size notebooks have fewer than that.

There are also more than that such as 100 or even 200 sheet notebooks, but notebooks with higher sheet counts are preferred to be partitioned into sections.


Your notebook expresses your personality, so you can choose from different colors and styles of notebooks that are available in Bakier stationery.

You have more diverse choices of paper notebook colors like red, blue, green, yellow, pink, orange, black, and light blue.

Having different colors of notebooks helps you to differentiate between them easily.



When we talk about security in a paper notebook, we mean here the way that holds the paper together, and in this category, we have also multiple options as follows:


Spiral-bound notebooks

This type of paper notebook is more secure and it is considered the best choice for long-term use as in the case of students who need the notebook for assignments, as it keeps pages in place and saves it from easily separating and losing.


glue-bound notebooks

This type of notebook is more suitable for short-term use, such as creating memos or recording daily tasks.

Either spiral-bound notebook or glue-bound notebook is found in both top-bound or side-bound versions to match the requirement of different users.



You have the opportunity to choose from various cover materials that best suit your work or study environment, as the cover plays a very important role in keeping your notebook useful, in Bakier stationery you will find a lot of Cute school supplies.

There are different types of paper notebooks based on the cover material, such as:

  • A sustainable and recycled cover.

  • Poly cover.

  • Staining, tearing, moisture-resistant cover.


What is the best notebook for you?

There is no one type of notebook that could be the best for all users, but it depends on the purpose of using a paper notebook.

But we can say that the best notebook is the one that meets your needs and is acquired from high-quality materials that are not easily damaged.

Many major brands make many paper notebooks with different themes to choose the one that best suits your use.

At Bekier stationery, we provide all kinds of notebooks that are suitable for study or work, order now and you will get your notebook as soon as possible.



Notebook top brands available in bakier stationery

Don’t worry when you do shopping in bakier stationery, you will find all that you need from school and office supplies, here we will mention some of the notebook brands that are available in bakier stationery:

  • Notte Notebook

  • OPP Notebook

  • Gipta Notebook

  • JUMBO Notebook


Why choose bakier stationery for your school and office supplies?

The main highlights of the bakier stationery in Egypt are:

  • We offer the most demanded and Cute school supplies.

  • We provide you with everything you need in the same place without the need to shop in different places.

  • We usually make advantageous offers on various school supplies and office supplies, These offers are very advantageous and economical, both for parents regarding school supplies and for business owners regarding office supplies.