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School Bags & Pencil Cases - Brighten up your children's school day


With school time approaching, the search for school bags becomes more frequent so in our article we will talk about how to choose the best school bags and pencil bags for your kids.

At Bakier Stationery, we offer a wide range of school bags and pencil cases, and you'll find many unique styles in different colors and sizes.

So if you search for School Bags Egypt and need Cute backpacks for School Girl & boy, you find Bakier stationery is the best as we have the most abundant brands like must backpacks & serve pencil case

follow the reading to know how to choose the best and contact us to know more about back to school offers.


Backpack Egypt, the properties of  a good one.

Within the back-to-school season, all parents need to choose the best school bags and pencil cases for their children.

If you search for School Bags Egypt, you have to know that, the best school bag should have many features, and these features vary from person to person depending on his use of this bag, but there are some features that need to be established in every school bag such as:

  • The size of the school bag should be appropriate for the age of the children.

  • The school bag should be made of good materials that can withstand various conditions during the school season.

  • The school bag should be provided with adjustable padded shoulder straps to be safe on the children's arm.

  • The bag should have several pockets to be more organized and easy to use for your child.

  • The school bag should be lightweight.


Types of school bags & pencil cases available in Bakier stationary

In Bakier stationary, there are many different types of school bags in different colors and shapes that are suitable for all who search Backpack egypt.

The school bag for boys is different from Cute backpacks for School Girl, as each of them has its own color, style, and appearance.

And also kids school bags are differ from boy and Girl backpacks for high school.

There is also another factor in the bag that concerns the parents, which is whether the bag that is used is a trolley bag or backpack.

But in pencil cases, the difference between each other is in style, color, or appearance, and also you will find which fits boys and girls.

Don't worry about buying your children's school bag, you will find all these varieties and what fits your children specially in our store as we have different school bag brands like:

  • Must backpacks

  • Serve pencil case

  • Target school bags.

  • Thermos school bags.

How to choose the best school bag and pencil case for your child?

It is preferable to make your child choose the bag himself, because his choice reflects his interests and his choice of his favorite color and shape will motivate them to go to school and use the tools they love, which increases their love of studying and increases their educational achievement.

But you as parents have another role besides sharing your opinion with your child, you should choose a bag with the features that we mentioned in The properties of good school Bags & Pencil Cases section.


The best store to buy school bags and pencil cases 

Bakier store is the best store to buy your school bags and pencil cases because we make it easy for you to choose the best for your children.

What distinguishes us in bakier stationery is that we care a lot about quality because high quality and wonderful materials last longer and are more comfortable for your children.

We also provide Boy and Girl backpacks for high school also not for kids only.

We have cute colorful designs that attract your kids, help them do better and motivate them to go to school, we also offer a large selection of bags that are perfect for use at school, for sports days or day trips.


All of these bags are practical and cool at the same time, You can order your bag now from the Bakier Stationery website and also know more about different back to school offers on different school supplies.