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Coral High Kids Luggage suitcase - King Şakir Pink Cabin



  • It is designed with beautiful and eye-catching colors, which your child will not want to leave with him on his travels, where he can easily carry his own clothes and toys. Coral High Children's Suitcases are made of 100% ABS material that does not contain recycling and waste plastic.
  • In this way, the suitcases are extra light and extra flexible, and durable against impacts.
  • The squeegee handle of the suitcase consists of a single stage.
  • When the squeegee handle is opened, its height from the ground is 101 cm.
  • Dimensions, Height: 55 Cm. Width:35 Cm Depth:26 Cm Volume (50 Liters)
  • All four wheels of the suitcase have the ability to rotate 360 ​​degrees independently of each other, so you will experience great convenience while moving your suitcase. The suitcase can move 360 ​​degrees without making any disturbing noise and easily.
  • · The main compartment of the suitcase has a double zipper slider to be more stable and secure. In the right compartment of the suitcase, there is a 25mm woven material lock belt that allows you to carry your large items without shaking them and without damaging your other items.
  • There are areas on both sides of the suitcase that you can use as a zippered bag from one end to the other to protect and regularly carry your laundry that you want to carry in isolation from all the items you carry.

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